About bella stella

Well, we don’t have a Bella, or a Stella.  Named by the original owner, bella stella means “beautiful stars” in Italian.  We are so grateful to Laurel and all the wonderfulness she poured into the store while she was the owner, and we are so looking forward to the coming years at bella stella!

Thanks for the introduction, lady, can you tell me about the shop?

bella stella

Bella Stella is a family business in every sense. We are mama-owned.  We are inspired by, supported by, and dedicated to families. We are a small local store with thoughtfully selected merchandise, attention to detail and a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. We choose items for overall value: high quality and maximum utility at a reasonable cost. The items we sell at Bella Stella meet our personal standards, and we feel proud to offer them to our family, friends and customers alike.

Bella Stella focuses on maternity, baby, toddler, and kids up to age eight, featuring a large, thriving resale section, as well as quality toys and art supplies.   We take great pride in offering the lowest possible prices and the coolest possible stuff.   Of course we always love your suggestions on how we can do it better.   Probably the best thing about owning and working at Bella Stella has been the opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbors.  Our customers have become our friends and their children have become our children’s classmates.   Running Bella Stella has truly rooted us in Portland and given us a great love for the sweet community we have here.   Thank you to all of you for the conversation, support, wisdom and occasional coffee/pastry delivery.  We NEVER could have done any of this without you.   If we haven’t gotten the chance to meet your family, please stop by to say hi next time you are in the neighborhood!